Sep '18
➢ Incorporate All Over Chain.Inc
Oct '18
➢ Development Securities Exchange on Swirlds
Mar '19
➢ Hedera Hashgraph - Start Integration Testnet
Sep '19
➢ Open Access with Hedera. Validate MVP with first customer
Feb '20
➢ Pre-funding round
Dec '20
➢ Funding round
Release V 2.0
Release 2.0 - Regulatory Sandbox Ready


This was the first interaction with Swirlds in 2018. 4 traders, and one Tape!

Later we started the company and developed v1.0 in Solidity

Now,we have added R3 Corda to leverage the high throughput of Hedera Token Service

Swirlds Demo

This video shows how to register a token (Solidity) in the SAP Fiori interface

This video shows how to trade a token using Composer.

The Composer wallet is deprecated and only limited to v1 customers.

Integration of R3 Corda and Hedera Token Service

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